APEX offers a wide range of services; the few are in the following Areas:

Geo Spatial Databases & Development :
  • GIS Data Migration – Scanning, Digitization, Geo-rectification & Database Creation
  • Data Conversion – Design drawings, Document Management
  • Satellite Image Procurement, Processing & Value Addition
  • Photogrammetry
  • LIDAR Data Acquisition and Processing
  • GIS Software Development & Solutions
  • Training & Consulting - GIS, RS, Photogrammetry & Capacity Building

Geology & Mining :
  • Geological Mapping using Satellite Imagery for Identification of mineralization zones (including Gold and Precious Stones).
  • Preparation of Base Maps using Satellite/Aerial Imagery.
  • DGPS Survey and GCPs Collection for Geo-Referencing.
  • Geochemical prospecting of mineral blocks.
  • Geo-chemical sampling.
  • Desktop studies and due diligence.
  • Prognostic Modeling for identification of mineral anomalies.
  • Recommendation for Mining Exploration.Seismic Risk Micro-Zonation & Mapping
  • Bore Log Image Interpretation

Agriculture, Forestry & Environment :
  • Agriculture Land Use
  • Mapping the Crops using Satellite Imagery
  • Crop Acreage and Yield Estimation
  • Green Belt, Urban/Rural Tree Census
  • Natural Resource Mapping for Land Cover, Land Use, Wasteland, Wet Land, Land Degradation, Geology, Soils, Hydro-Geo-Morphology, Hydrological Survey and Area Drainage Studies, Change Detection.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Development Plan
  • Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
  • Corporate Environmental Management
  • Environmental Training and Awareness
  • Management System Audits
  • Green House Gases (GHG) Accounting and Carbon Foot Printing
  • Eco-tourism Services

Land Surveys :
  • Ground Control – GPS,DGPS,
  • Topographic survey & Contouring, Total Stations, Terrestrial LiDAR
  • Point of Interest (POI)/Landmarks and Route Mapping
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Surveys for Utilities
  • Aerial Photography and LiDAR
  • Geo-Physical Survey
  • Hydrological Survey
  • Geo-Technical Investigation
  • Geo-Chemical Sampling & Survey

Urban & Rural Planning :
  • Large Scale
  • 3D City Maps
  • Master Plan Preparation
  • Pervious and Impervious Classification
  • Land Information System -Urban Rural Cadastral Mapping

Utility & Infrastructure :
  • Corridor Studies – Transportation & Utilities
  • Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Surveys for Underground Utilities
  • GIS for Real Estate
  • Site Selection for Siting of Industries and Plants

"Apex Spatial has done commendable work and completed Nagpur's 1st GIS Based Tree Census"
N.B. Shrikhande, Garden Suprintendent,
Nagpur Municipal Corporation, Nagpur, Maharashtra.

I am impressed with the professionalism and quality and Commitment of APEX, it is extremely important for us while managing an international project.
MM Khin, Managing Director, Geocomp International, AUSTRALIA.

We appreciate Apex’s timely and quality data delivery and also authenticity/skills of DGPS, GIS Survey, Data Collection, GIS Integration and the total work executed by Apex.
Dr KM Jagadish, Head, Reliance Digital World Limited, Mumbai.

We appreciate Apex’s commendable works and also the authenticity and skills of total work executed by Apex.
Tapan Bandopdhaya, Circle - GIS Lead, Reliance Communications, Maharashtra-Goa.

APEX has successfully completed our work for “Change Detection and Mapping of Sugarcane Belt, we appreciate APEX’s timely and quality data delivery.
Swapnil Mahajan, Dy Manager, Sunil HiTech, Nagpur.

APEX) was engaged in our Mining Information System Project, We appreciate that APEX has completed the work in time with a quality to our satisfaction.
Dr G. Sreenivasan, Project Focal Point, RRSC-C, Nagpur, Indian Space Research Organisation, Department of Space, Govt of India.

APEX was engaged in our Project on Geological Mapping in the Country of SUDAN, we appreciate that APEX had completed the work very much in time with high quality. We would certainly wish to work with APEX for similar opportunities in Future.
Mr. Ibrahim Abushora, Manager, Orbit for Multi Activities Co. Ltd, Khartum, SUDAN.

It has been a most satisfying experience to associate with and work with Apex Spatial, at times.
Siva Kumar, Manager, DSSDI Project, New Delhi.