Project & Clients

Sr. No Name of Projects Name & Address of User/Clients Project Activity Description
1 Geo-Physical Surveys & Report Preparation Visvadooth Maro & Mines Vertical Electrical Sounding and Geo-Physical Survey for Marble Mining Areas of Various parts of Rajasthan State in India. The project involved field survey, conducting Geo-Physical Sounding at various depths & locations,
2 Strategic GIS Consulting -Training on Spatial Technologies and Techno-Marketing Consulting for Indian Market SANBORN Technology Resource Pvt Ltd Strategic Consulting on Project Execution for Pervious and Impervious mapping using various Satellite Image Data Products of United States of America.
3 DGPS/GPS Surveys in all the Reliance Communication Circles in India Reliance Communications Limited Route Surveys and Mapping the Land Marks along the OFC (Optical Fiber Cable) corridors throughout India for approximate 30,000 line kilometers.
4 Collection of Data and GCPs using DGPS for Cities of India Reliance Industrial Infrastructure Limited (Reliance Infosolutions) DGPS Survey for collection of Ground Control Points (GCPs) in entire country of India. (400 GCPs in 8 States).
5 Detailed DGPS Survey for Proposed OFC Routes in State of Maharashtra Reliance Infocomm Engineering Pvt Ltd Detailed DGPS Survey in Entire state of Maharashtra along the proposed OFC Routes Mapping of all features including Buildings, Trees, Other Landmarks, Soil Profiling, Right of Way etc
6 Mapping of Pune City and Satellite Town Eicher Good Earth Limited Digitisation of CARTOSAT Image for entire city of Pune (approximate 600 Square Kilometers), Incorporation of Secondary data to the digitized map, Conducting Field Survey and capturing Detailed Road Features and Point of Interest (POI), Integration of the Data in GIS Environment for Publication and well as Tracking and Routing Application Requirements.
7 Natural Resources Mapping using Satellite Images Maharashtra Remote Sensing Applications Centre (MRSAC), Nagpur Preparation of GIS database for Maharashtra state using multi-date satellite images for preparation of thematic maps like, Land Use Land Cover, Waste Land, Land Degradation, Wetland, Hydo-geomorphology and DEM/Slope/Contour at various scales. (Images used – IRS LISS-III, LISS IV and CARTOSAT Stereo.
8 Conducting of GIS Based Tree Census for Nagpur Municipal Corporation Garden Department, Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC),Nagpur Conducting of GIS Based Tree Census of Existing trees in all the lands within in the jurisdiction of Nagpur Municipal Corporation using large scale base map available with NMC, Field survey, GIS Data Integration and Development of GIS Software Application on AutoDesk Map platform. The work involved mapping of 21,43,838 trees with all botanical and ecologically important parameters of the trees of Nagpur.
9 Creation of Landbase and Collection of Field Data. Navayuga Engineering Company Limited Survey, Data Collection, Digitization and Data linking for areas in and around Delhi for approximately 1500 sq kms.
10 Evaluation of Sugarcane Belt using Spatial Technologies GSEL, Nagpur Use and Integration of all spatial technologies and mapping the 70 km radius area around the sugar plant; creation of spatial database of sugarcane fields of 7 districts, with total area exceeding 15,000 sq km (on 1:50,000 Scale) in Maharashtra, India.
11 DGPS Survey and Capture GCPs for Mumbai & Chennai Client Undisclosed DGPS Survey and collection of Ground Control Points (GCPs) for cities of Mumbai and Chennai.
12 Creation of GIS Database for Seismic Microzonation of Mumbai Area Geological Survey of India, Central Region, Nagpur Creation of Spatial Database for all the Microzonation layers in GIS Environment for city of Mumbai.
13 Evaluation of Sugarcane Belt using Spatial Technologies GSEL, Nagpur Sugar Cane Area Mapping using Satellite Images and Acreage Estimations for the 70 km radius area around the sugar plant for coming 5 years (Year 2009-2013).
14 GPS Data Collection for Mining District of India3 Indian Space Research Organisation, Department of Space, ISRO Head Quarters, Bangalore. DGPS based GCPs data Collection and post processing using Dual Frequency Geodetic Receivers in different Mining districts of the Country.
15 Route Alignment and Detail Survey of Power Transmission Line PROJECT ENGINEERING & CONTROLS PVT. LTD, KOLKATA Route alignment and detail survey work for Power Transmission Route of Approx 240 Kms.
16 Vectorisation and Geo-referencing of Maps Indian Space Research Organisation, Department of Space, ISRO Head Quarters, Bangalore. Vectorisation, Geo-referencing & Mosaicing of Mine Lease Maps, Geology Maps, Village Cadastral Maps for various parts of India.
17 Collection, Collation & Supply of GPS derived X-Y Coordinates of Point of Interest (POI) / Address Points (APT) TomTom (previously Tele Atlas Kalyani) India Ltd Collection of Point of Interest and / Address data collection using GPS and filed survey techniques for Delhi and NCR (including New Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Gaziabad, Faridabad and Greater Noida)
18 Geological Mapping using Satellite Imagery and GIS Techniques and Field Validation in SUDAN. Client Undisclosed Creation of Base Map, Geological Map for 1855+1600 Sq Kms (2 Projects) of Area on 1:60,00 Scale Using Satellite Image and submission of a Project Report while highlighting the further course of action for Exploration of Gold.
19 DGPS Surveys and Capture GCPs for Various States in India. Different Clients DGPS based GCPs data Collection and post processing using Dual Frequency Geodetic Receivers in different States of the Country (exceeding 1000 points).
20 Digitisation and Updation of Forest Map using High Resolution Satellite Image Department of Forest, Government of Maharashtra Scanning and Digitisation of Bor Wildlife Sanctuary Map and updation using High Resolution Satellite Image and GPS coordinates collected by the Department.
21 DEM, Contour and Ortho-imagery for Thangu-Munguthang Road in North Sikkim for Route Alignment (including DGPS Survey) CPWD, Thangu Procurement CARTOSAT-1 Stereo Imagery from NRSC, DGPS Survey for GCPs collection, AT, DTM, DEM, Ortho generation and feature extraction and suggesting a suitable Road alignment. The total Area of mapping was 100 sq kms.
22 Quick Bird Satellite Image Interpretation and Digitisation for Mapping in Different Layers. M/s NK Buildcon Pvt Ltd, Jaipur 2D Feature Digitisation from 0.61meter resolution Satellite Image for 6 Cities of Karnataka. The total Area of mapping was 800 sq kms.
23 Interpret and Digitise Layer Wise Features from Aerial Photographs. Client Undisclosed 2D Feature Digitisation from 0.5 meter resolution Aerial Photographs for City of Manila, Philippines. The total Area of mapping was 634 sq kms.
24 Trajectography Survey in Chandigarh and Indore M/s Group SCE India Pvt Ltd., Bangalore Deployment of DGPS and resources for Base Station Observation for LiDAR Mapping and Trajectography.
25 Land Use Land Cover Mapping in Meghalaya on 1:10,000 Scale using CARTOSAT NESAC, Dept. of Space, Govt. of India Shillong Satellite Image (CARTOSAT-1, LISS-IV & LISS-II) interpretation for Land Use Land Cover Mapping on 1:10,000 Scale for States of Meghalaya, Assam and Arunachal Pradesh.
26 DGPS Survey for Collection of GCPs in 5 Cities. EGIS Geoplan Pvt Ltd DGPS survey for collection of photo-identifiable GCPs in Kolkatta, Varanasi, New Delhi, Ahmedabad and Mumbai (around 5 Airports) and supply of processed data in prescribed formats.
27 DGPS Survey for Collection of GCPs for NCR Region WAPCOS, Delhi DGPS survey for collection of photo-identifiable GCPs in entire NCR region (over 40,000 sq kms of Area). Total No of GCPs Approx 300.
28 Scanning, Digitization, Geo-rectification & Database Creation Client Undisclosed Co-Ordination of Exploration Planning inputs for the Gold Blocks in Tanzania.
29 Geological Mapping using Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS in Uganda Client Undisclosed Detailed mapping of Block for Gold Exploration in Uganda.
30 OSP Asset Updation in GIS - Phase 2 (KN,KL , MH,MUM & TN Circles). Reliance Communications Limited Route Surveys and Mapping the Land Marks, Telecom Assets along the OFC (Optical Fiber Cable) for approximate 8,000 line kilometers.
31 Consultancy Services for Identification of Accommodation Zones for Iron Ore Metal and Associated Mineralization using Remote Sensing & GIS Techniques in Myanmar. Client Undisclosed Satellite Remote Sensing, Geological Mapping and providing inputs for business decision making to acquire Iron Ore areas in approx. 3000 sq kms in Myanmar.
32 Consultancy Services for Assessment of Operational Feasibility of Granite Mine in Bhutan. Client Undisclosed Deployment of technical resources for due diligence, operational feasibility, Exploration & Mining Operations for Granite Mine areas.
33 Geological Consulting for Manganese Area in, Turkey. Client Undisclosed Deployment of technical resources for due diligence and operational feasibility of Manganese and Marble.
34 Land Use Land Cover Pattern Study for Proposed Project at Challakere, Chitradurga District, Karnataka MECON Limited, Bangalore Conducting Land Use Land Cover Study for 20 kms of Radius from proposed plant site using LISS-IV Satellite Imagery. The work also involved preparation of other themes; Base Map, Drainage and Water Bodies, Contours and DEM, Geomorphology, Micro Watersheds Boundary Delineation etc.
35 Remote Sensing Study for Maseyu-Mazizi License Area in Morogoro District, Tanzania Client Undisclosed JORC Compliant Surface Geology Mapping, Data preparation and Reporting for Exploration Management of Gold Block.

"Apex Spatial has done commendable work and completed Nagpur's 1st GIS Based Tree Census"
N.B. Shrikhande, Garden Suprintendent,
Nagpur Municipal Corporation, Nagpur, Maharashtra.

I am impressed with the professionalism and quality and Commitment of APEX, it is extremely important for us while managing an international project.
MM Khin, Managing Director, Geocomp International, AUSTRALIA.

We appreciate Apex’s timely and quality data delivery and also authenticity/skills of DGPS, GIS Survey, Data Collection, GIS Integration and the total work executed by Apex.
Dr KM Jagadish, Head, Reliance Digital World Limited, Mumbai.

We appreciate Apex’s commendable works and also the authenticity and skills of total work executed by Apex.
Tapan Bandopdhaya, Circle - GIS Lead, Reliance Communications, Maharashtra-Goa.

APEX has successfully completed our work for “Change Detection and Mapping of Sugarcane Belt, we appreciate APEX’s timely and quality data delivery.
Swapnil Mahajan, Dy Manager, Sunil HiTech, Nagpur.

APEX) was engaged in our Mining Information System Project, We appreciate that APEX has completed the work in time with a quality to our satisfaction.
Dr G. Sreenivasan, Project Focal Point, RRSC-C, Nagpur, Indian Space Research Organisation, Department of Space, Govt of India.

APEX was engaged in our Project on Geological Mapping in the Country of SUDAN, we appreciate that APEX had completed the work very much in time with high quality. We would certainly wish to work with APEX for similar opportunities in Future.
Mr. Ibrahim Abushora, Manager, Orbit for Multi Activities Co. Ltd, Khartum, SUDAN.

It has been a most satisfying experience to associate with and work with Apex Spatial, at times.
Siva Kumar, Manager, DSSDI Project, New Delhi.